VCD/DVD Transfer Services

iSCHOOL NEW MEDIA LIMITED undertakes VCD/DVD transfer services for our customers. With our professional VCD authoring software, we offer quality and quick turnaround VCD transfer service.

We also work with corporations to transfer training videos, taped conferences, etc. to a high quality DVD. Your employees will be able to present to your clients with high quality videos as well as train at their computers easily with fewer hassles.

We Can Do Simple Straight Transfer and Sophisticated Authoring

If simple straight transfer is what you need in the moment, you will find our video CD transfer service is highly competitive.

If you need more than a straight video transfer to disc, our video CD menu authoring service is the choice. We can produce a VCD with a simple menu (for title selection) or a sophisticated menu that gives you interactive capabilities and full support of all the remote controller keys.

We can help you create a VCD that is ideal for presentation or educational purposes.

VCD Authoring Station

Supported tape formats include VHS, Betacam SP, Betamax, DV and DLT (DLT III or DLT IIIXT tapes). Standard turnaround time to complete a VCD or DVD transfer order is four business days. Rush orders are at an additional charge.

Home Video

For customers who need to transfer their home videos to VCD/DVD, we offer competitive priced service packages to meet different needs. Call for details.

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