DVD/CD Replication and Packaging

The process of DVD/CD replication includes Checking the Master Disc, Making a Stamper, Injection Moulding, Colour Separated Film Output, Silkscreen or Offset Disc Face Printing, and Packing (e.g. Custom CD jacket design and printing, etc.)

Call for a proposal to suit your project and pricing details.

DVD/CD Replication and Packaging Services

DVD-R and CD-R Duplication Services ==> Chinese

iSCHOOL NEW MEDIA LIMITED undertakes short-run DVD/CD duplicating services for our customers. Equipped with a number of automatic DVD/CD publishers and professional duplicator towers, we offer quality short-run and quick turnaround DVD/CD duplication service. All discs duplicated are verified for readability.

Automated CD/DVD Publisher

We undertake short-run DVD duplication service using DVD-R for general discs. To cater for different requirements and budgets, printing options offered include single-colour thermal printing, water-proof photo-quality sticker label, full colour inkjet direct printing with water resistant coating, water-proof full colour UV, and 5C silkscreen (or offset) printing. Call for details.

Duplicating Time
Standard turnaround time to complete a CD duplication order is two business days. DVD duplication generally takes longer time than that of CD.

Duplication Price*
CD-R (700MB) call
DVDR (4.7G) call
DVDR DL (8.5G)
* price based on media in spindle form or cakebox packing.

Additional Services Price
Printing (thermal, inkjet, UV, silkscreen and other commercial printing are available) Quote

Disc Printing

To help you design and print labels correctly, we are providing you with several templates for use in making disc labels. Check our support pages. Disc printing/labeling service is also available at customer request. Disc printing may be monochrome or colour. Pricing is quoted by job.
Jewel Cases & Inserts

Discs can be ordered with or without jewel cases. Jewel case inserts are available with artwork supplied by customer. If artwork design is required, pricing is quoted by job. Check our CD-R/DVD-R Media and Packaging Accessories pages for pricing of media, jewel case, paper sleeve, etc.

Copy Protection
We can provide copy protection to your duplicated DVD-video discs using Hexalock copy protection technology. Call for pricing details.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Software piracy is an offense in law. We will neither accept nor perform any illegal duplication.
  2. We treat customer's supplied software and data with absolute confidentiality.
  3. We will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, reliance, special or consequential damages, however caused and regardless of character, including without limitation, any damages relating to lost data, computer failure or malfunctioning or otherwise. Do not send us any data that has not been backed up. Backing up of the data sent for duplication is the customer's own responsibility.
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