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  1. Application of CD-R and Document Imaging Technology in Banking and Financial Sector
  1. About Video CDs
  2. DVD Format

Printing CD/DVD

  1. Printer Speed

Printing Template

  1. Disc Label - Photoshop Template for 12cm disc with 20mm inner hole
  2. Disc Label - Photoshop Template (23-116mm)
  3. Disc Label - Photoshop Template (23-117mm)
  4. Disc Label - Photoshop Template (23-118mm)
  5. Disc Label - Photoshop Template for 12cm disc with 25mm inner hole

Video Encoding

  1. Video Encoding - VCD and Super VCD
  2. Video Encoding - DVD
  3. How to Calculate the Optimal Bitrate for MPEG Encoding


  1. Glossary about Compact Disc
  2. Glossary about DVD

Technical Support Links

  1. Rimage' technical support page
  2. Microboards Technology's download page
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