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We are pleased to announce several great promotions to help you produce the best looking CDs with the latest generation CD-R and CD-RW technologies, and save money and effort while you're at it!

Whether you're just getting started and looking to get the tools you need in one place, or looking for cutting edge products to produce your CDs, we've got you covered.

Standalone 1 to 3 Button-less CD-RW Duplicator Controller (until stock last)

  • Completely standalone, no PC required
  • Auto detect CD formats
  • Support 1 to 3 CD-RW recorders
  • You can build a 1 to 1 Duplicator if you have
    • Acer 6432A , Acer 8432A
    • Panasonic 7585B
    • Philips 4401E , Philips 4801E , PCRW404K , PCRW804K
    • Plextor 8432E
    • Yamaha 8424E , Yamaha 8824E
  • You can build a 1 to 3 duplicator if you have
    • Sony 140E, 145E
    • Ricoh MP7060A , MP7080A
Special Clearance Offer HK$450
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