Navis Pro
Real-time Encoder & Decoder

Video CD, S-VCD, DVD format Support; DVD Authoring Tool Bundle

Navis Pro Program

Features (Preliminary)

PCI Board Type

  • Include S/W : 1 CD ( NAVIS Program + Win DVD + DVD Junior )
  • H/W MPEG I, II Encoding
  • H/W MPEG I, II Decoding for TV out
  • S/W MPEG I, II Decoding for VGA out

Enhanced User Interface

  • Record, Pause, Play, Stop
  • Time Shift Bar
  • Resizable of display window
  • Information display
  • Output volume control


  • Recording from DVD,VCR and Camcorder etc
  • Play MPEG I, II file to TV or VGA monitor
  • Video CD, SVCD, DVD format Support
  • Included DVD Authoring Tool
  • Various modes of record file size
  • Pause, Play, Rewind, Fast forward, Time shift bar
  • Album Function Display the preview of recorded file
  • Display the recorded file information (record date, time, etc)

Navis Pro PCI Card

Model for Hong Kong not including Tuner


PCI Bus 2.1


  • Input : 1 Composite, 1 S-Video (NTSC, PAL), TV Antenna
  • Output : 1 Composite, 1 S-Video (NTSC, PAL)
  • Format : MPEG I, Video CD, SVCD, MPEG2 Program Stream, MPEG II Elementary Stream
  • Resolution : NTSC - MPEG I (352x240), MPEG II (720x480, 480x480, 352x480) PAL - MPEG I (352x288), MPEG II (720x576, 480x576, 352x576)
  • Bitrate : MPEG I (2M bps), VCD (1.15Mbps), SVCD (2.5M bps), MPEG II (4, 6, 8, 10, 12 Mbps) CBR, VBR Support


  • Format : MPEG I Layer 2
  • Input and Output : 1 stereo input, 1 stereo output
  • Sampling Frequency : 44.1 KHz (MPEG II, VCD, SVCD), 48 KHz (MPEG II)
  • Bitrate : MPEG I (224Kbps), MPEG II (384K bps)


  • Pentium III 500 MHz
  • 128 Mbytes System Memory
  • Ultra DMA support Hard Disk
  • PCI Sound Card
  • Support OS : Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me

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