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Navis Pro MPEG I/II MPEG Real-time Encoder

Navis Pro is a high-quality PCI card type MPEG I/II real-time encoder that supports Video CD, SVCD and DVD formats. It allow user to encode using variable bit rate up to 10Mbps with various stream types. Navis Pro includes hardware MPEG I/II decoding for TV out and software MPEG I/II decoding for VGA out. WinDVD software and DVD Authoring Tool are bundled. With Navis Pro, you will be able to encode MPEG streams and make VCD, SVCD and DVD titles at quality comparable to that of commercial titles.

Navis Pro

Navis USB MPEG I/II MPEG Real-time Encoder

NAVIS-USB is cost effective real time MPEG-I/II encoding solution for consumer. NAVIS-USB fully integrates MPEG-I/II Audio and Video encoder on a single product. You can make your high quality video clips, video titles and streaming media. NAVIS-USB supports real time variable bit rate encoding up to 6Mbps with various stream types. Also , NAVIS-USB comes as an external type, making it unnecessary to open the case of your PC for installation. Just plugging its USB cable will do, immediately recording to MPEG file.

CopyWriter Live

Records VCD and Audio CD from Analogue Sources without a Computer

CopyWriter Live

The Microboards CopyWriter Live combines the flexibility of cassette tapes with the quality and longevity of CDs, in one easy to use unit. You can record from practically any audio or video source, including live feed from a microphone, a cassette deck, a video camera, a mixer and many others. Make a high quality CD on the first try, every time. Make backup copies, archive your video to CD for playback in most VCD/DVD players. You can even span from disc to disc to record nonstop for hours on end.

Advanced Features:

  • Standalone 12x CD Duplication with automatic format detection
  • Record and Pause to create multiple tracks for playback
  • Black set-top configuration
  • Video CD discs created play back in most current DVD players
  • Play back Video CD discs and Audio discs on PC or Mac


  • 2-12x CD-R/RW Drives
  • LCD system display

    CopyWriter Live LCD
  • 3 pairs of RCA inputs (2 rear / 1 front)
  • 1 pair of XLR inputs (rear)
  • 1 pair of RCA outputs

    CopyWriter Live back panel

  • 1.25-inch Microphone input (front)

Supported Formats:

  • CD-ROM Mode 1 & 2
  • CD-DA (Red Book) Audio
  • Video CD
  • Mixed Mode
  • Multisession
  • HFS
  • CD Bridge
  • CD Extra

Mechanical / Electrical:

  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB
  • TV output type: NTSC/PAL
  • Power Supply: AC 90V ~ 264V
  • Dimensions: 11.42"x 16.93"x 4.13"
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs
  • Certifications: CE, FCC

Shipping Dimensions & Weight

  • 390 x 520 x 170mm (W x D x H)
  • 7.6kg
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