Using Copyrighted Materials

CD-R/DVD-R duplication stations or systems allow you to make legal copies of CD/DVDs for your own use. This is allowed by the "fair use" clause of copyright law. You may not duplicate CDs for other people to use, even if you do not sell those copies. You also may not duplicate other people's CD/DVDs for your own use. If you take either of these actions, you will be violating copyright laws.

It is illegal to duplicate copyrighted CD/DVDs for any reason other than personal use, unless you or your company are the copyright owner. CD-R/DVD-R duplication products carried by us are not intended for this purpose, and we discourage our customers from doing so.

iSCHOOL NEW MEDIA LIMITED takes no responsibility for any illegal use of CD-R/DVD-R duplication products by our customers. Reproduction or other use of copyrighted material, such as a CD or DVD, generally requires permission from the copyright owner. Failure to obtain permission from the owner of the copyright to reproduce or otherwise use copyrighted material can result in both civil and criminal liability.

If you are duplicating discs for commercial distribution, and you use materials that have been created and/or copyrighted by someone else, make sure that you have the legal right to use them.

The information provided here is for information only and we cannot provide legal advice. Legal advice on copyright issues must come from a lawyer or attorney preferably one who is familiar with the copyright law in your country


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