Applications of CD-R Publishing System


iSCHOOL NEW MEDIA LIMITED has provided CD-R solutions for a number of applications. The following discusses a variety of possible applications:

Cheque Imaging

Banks or other financial institutions scan cheques and use a CD-R publishing system to save their images to CD-R for archival purposes. Additional copies are distributed to branch offices or call centres for local recall. This eliminates the need to retain the canceled paper cheques.

Computer Output

Companies who have many computing transactions may use a CD-R publishing system as an output device for large data streams. Data such as customer records and statements, bill of materials, product catalogues, marketing materials, etc., are best suit for this application.

Service Bureau and Technical Support

Service bureaus and technical support divisions may use a CD-R publishing system as a duplication system to create various CD-R based images.


Entertainment parks and cinemas may offer various audio/video clips and music selections on CD-R's. A CD-R publishing system can be used to provide this kind of content in an immediate or next day delivery.


Hardware or system manufacturers may use a CD-R publishing system to create unique on-demand copies of past software, drivers, application software, new software builds or system updates to support complex or custom systems in the field.

Music On-Demand

Music distribution companies may use a CD-R publishing system to fill telephone and Internet CD orders to avoid carrying large inventories. Companies may also use a CD-R publishing system to offer compilation discs recorded by different artists on a single CD.

Personal Photography

Photo imaging companies may use a CD-R publishing system to provide the consumer market a choice of photography processing on CD.

Software Distribution

Software developers are may use a CD-R publishing system to create software masters and software beta releases. CD-R publishing system is good for delivering low volume software titles.

Studios & Record Companies

Studios and record companies use high performance duplicators to duplicate masters for their factories located in other countries. Some use a CD-R publishing system to create demo discs and spots for TV/radios. These companies may also use a CD-R publishing system to create producer reference discs and sound effects CDs.

Telephone Billing

Telephone companies may use a CD-R publishing system to publish corporate customer long distance or mobile telephone billing statements. When a CD-R publishing system is linked to the company's computer system, individual customer call detail data can be recorded and information containing the company name, address and account number can be printed onto CD-R, saving time and money over paper billing.

Shared Network Resource

High tech and large corporation may use a CD-R publishing system as a shared network resource in which many persons can direct data to it. This replaces the need to print to paper or to save files on multiple disks, tape or other mediums.

Fashionable Items

Special shaped CD can be produced using moulding or die cut technologies, such as "heart". "telephone", etc. With colorful printing on CD face, they can be sold as fashionable items or custom made for individuals or organizations as promotion items.

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